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8 Reasons
We are very experienced and confident in making picture day a posetive experience for children & staff by being helpful, flexible, and understanding to the school's and children's needs.
With packages as low as $18, our prices are very compettitive.
We aim for true smiles and expressions showing each childs true spirit. Then each picture is edited, retouched, and printed on the highest quality silver halide paper.   See my SLIDESHOW
Skylight Portraits guarantees prints in less than 10 business days.
As a small business Skylight Portraits can provide the personal touch of a small business yet provide the same quality, pricing and services of a big company.
There's no risk! No gimmicks or cons. We offer a money back guarantee on all our pictures as well as a price match to any offers you receive from our compettitors.
A 20% commission of all sales are paid to your school.
 8 Reasons to go with Skylight Portraits
Beautiful photographs
Experienced photographer.
Low Prices
Fast Delivery
Personal Service
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ideal Fundraiser
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Besides great prints Skylight Portriats supplies a wide variety of gifts, products, and freebies for schools and staff.