We offer a 100% money back guarantee on PREPAID orders.

  -If you pay for your pictures before picture day (not offered at all schools) and are not happy with your images received. We will issue a 100% refund up to 30 days after prints are received.


All orders placed after viewing portraits are final.

  -There are no refunds for prints, products and/or image files ordered after viewing proofs.


Bulk shipping and discount deadlines cannot be changed.


Shipping times are not guaranteed.

   -Skylight Portraits is not responsible for any setbacks from products being received late.


Image files purchased and downloaded are the customers property and can be reproduced by the customer in any way.


Screenshots taken, shared and/or reproduced are subject to copyright infringement.


Image file size is only guaranteed for print sizes up to 8x10.

  -Although our file sized can usually print well up to 16x20, we do no guarantee sufficient file size for prints larger than 8x10.


Skylight Portraits is not responsible for image quality on any products or prints created by 3rd parties.


Picture day experiences may vary.

  -We do our best to give your child a pleasant and fun picture day experience. We gage each child's humor, temperament, special needs, and try to customized their experience. Sometimes     unfortunately we do not succeed. Please know we tried our best.